Winter’s Coming

Winter's Coming

by AJ Lane

Winters here, in fact mother nature felt such a need to be fashionably late this year that she decided to show up to the party with Ned Stark as her plus one. That's a game of thrones joke. Not particularly topical, but maybe a few of you are on season one.

Suffice it to say, if you're trying to sell a house during a time like this, you may find yourself saying things like "I don't want to do this, let's not." Well, rest assured dear ready, attractive reader, that hope is not lost. Your resident real-estate related blogger is here to calm your concerns and coo you back to a state of confidence. Winter, after all, can be the best time to show off that comfortable chic look that you hear your realtor mention from time to time.

So without further ado, I'd like to present my sure fire 3 proven steps to sell your home during these frosty times.

  1. Keep the Fire burning

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire, Ferdinand Foch. Incidentally, fire also looks nice when it's contained to it's natural gated enclosure. If you have a fireplace, and with this weather I should hope you do, then you already have the ace in your hole. Fire has attracted humans from the beginning of whatever you'd like to believe our origins were, intelligent reader, that's why you see it on all of those sophisticated auto-mobile races that all of the cool people enjoy. If it can make a car travel faster, then it's safe to assume that it can expedite the sale of your house. That's science, you're free to mention this anecdote without reference to yours truly. It'll be our little secret.


  1. Throw some mats down

Winter isn't always sexy. For every picturesque scene a photographer takes of a couple walking through a blanket of snow, comes a wet goopy mess of slush to greet their return home. Keep a few tasteful mats around the entranceway to your humble abode, rubber is effective but if you're looking to sell yourself as a conquerer of nature you'll want to adorn your floor with something that looks like it was once breathing the same air we do. A nice, hair hock of fur will give the impression that you're not a reader to be trifled with.


  1. Enchant that Exterior

Prove to the potential buyers that your home is just as beautiful on the outside as it is the inside. You may think that this is an open invitation to postpone the chore of taking down those Christmas decorations you've yet to tend to. Don't make this rookie mistake, considerate reader. In the immortal words of the black eyed peas, nobody respects an individual who is so clearly two thousand and late. Take the Christmas decorations down and look at your homes strengths. Clean that driveway, brush off that car, make that walkway walk-able. You'll find that potential buyers prefer homes they can actually enter. In fact, I'd argue that this is the most important step to sell your house: Let them enter.

And there you have it. I could go on but you'll find that following these simple steps will assist you in ways you couldn't imagine. With any luck it will unlock a component of your brain focused on the importance of aesthetic. If you find yourself lighting candles and dimming lights to a warm and comfortable level without my assistance, then you know it's working.

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