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eState Video Production:

As a Productions and Marketing Company eState takes great pride in producing the extraordinary, the artistic, the subtle, the divine.

eState are comprised of a group of very talented and creative individuals who seek to express that creativity through different mediums.

These creatives take your business, service to new heights creating beautiful video promotions, commercials for Social Media or TV, teasers, graphic design, all to better express who you really are.

eState is a full-service small integrated production company that sees commercial projects from development through production and post, and all steps along the way.

eState has partnered with schooled cinematographers and graphic artists with experience and drive ready to take your business forward.

Setup for small to medium size projects that could include the use of actors and a production crew.

eState Directors have a keen sense of what looks great and they really know how to capture a unique and expressive film.

Ready on set - Go!!




À la carte


Business Promo Video
Video with licensed background music/30 second - 1 minute video
2 to 8 hours on-site, 1 week post-processing


Script Writing
Script custom created for your business commercial/can include Radio/Bio Writing and Blogs
4 to 8 hours/Office
$75.00 Hourly


Actors/Voice-Over Actors
2-8 hours on-site/Studio
$19.99 hourly 


Additional information


*Ask about our packages for BIG savings on Promo Commercials and Graphic Design


*All background music legally licensed


*Commercial Video can vary in length from 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes in length


*All visits are booked weather permitting


*All videos will be uploaded to the eState Youtube Channel


*Please see all of our services on our A La Carte pricing page or find special deals on our Property Packages page