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eState Website Design: 

Websites are an important aspect of your Marketing for any business but having your website brand consistent and engaging is where most businesses fail.

Your website must convey an accurate representation of your brand and it’s important that you start out with a good understanding of what it is you’re trying to project.

webdesignersAt eState  designers will start you out with a Website Plan and then present you with 2 different Website drafts that are positioned to work best for your business.

Once you’ve found the right look the designers will begin the work, either transferring information from your existing website or coordinating and discussing the content with you directly.

When your website is complete eState  will make sure to start you out right by setting you on the path to recognition through search engines.

*An important aspect to many sites today is the addition of a blog to your website, an active weekly blog with new content will give a tremendous boost to any website. *Ask us about our blog posts, we have writers waiting to work for you!

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À la carte



Website Plan
Our web professionals will create a website plan as part of your website service as par of our website drafts package.
1 week
$0.00 package inclusive 

Website Drafts
Our web professionals will create 3 unique custom design website drafts for your consideration.
1 week

Custom Designed Website
Our custom designed website will include one non-premium domain purchase for up to 12 months. After which point annual domain fees will apply. 
Allow 8-12 weeks web development
$3,000 - $5,800

Maintenance Plan
Our designers will update and maintain your website monthly. 
Monthly Package

Additional information
* Clients who signed a 12 month Marketing plan will find huge savings in web development 

* Websites will fluctuate in price depending on the client

*See Agent Branding for personal real estate agent website pricing

*Premium URL (Web address) can be arranged, prices fluctuate