How to reduce stress during a move


by AJ Lane


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Is anxiety nipping at the heels, nervous reader? Don't fret, your favored and frequent real estate blogger is here to quell these trembles as always.

Time to be brutally honest, moving is not as fun and glamorous as Hollywood would have you believe. There's no active music or heavily edited montages to help us through like a peyote induced fever dream. There's often a lot of strain, organization, and pizza involved in order for everyone to participate without leaving with a thousand yard stare. But then again, this article is regarding the nature of reducing stress, not outright eliminating it. So sit back, and relax while you can, as we chart through as many methods and steps as I feel the people who pay me require in order to keep this blog running.



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Juke Box Hero, Stressful Move

I love cardboard. Some may call me an enthusiast, those who understand call me a tactician, and those who are ignorant when they see me diving through dumpsters behind Dollarama simply believe me to be homeless. Cardboard boxes are not only the best way to build forts, they're a cost effective measure you can take to ensure that your move isn't as discombobulated as a hastily packed grocery bag. I mean, really Susan, did you have to put the eggs with the milk? I get that they're both part of a balanced breakfast, but your breakneck lifestyle is just going to result in a waste of time for the chicken, cow and I together.


pizzaI heard that a wise man once said, that you never want to be the person to 'own' the boat. You ought to be the friend that knows the guy who owns a boat. This way, you don't have to assist in the maintenance and other tedious tasks that come with those who haphazardly purchase a floating home. Well, that wise man can suck an egg. He's not allowed on my boat. You want to come over and watch Leo win the 2017 Oscars at my new pad? You're gonna help me move. Matter of fact, you're gonna get a few of your friends to come help. Don't worry, I'm not a monster, there will be pizza.


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Happy couple, moving's not so bad!

I suppose this could have been the first step, but then I'd never reach those 500 words or something. If you're really finding the stress to be too much, simply hire a couple of lads to take the problem into their responsible and well toned grip. Does it come with the nomadic charm and character growth that moving on your own provides? Don't think about that. House of cards is coming back soon, watch that while people sweat over carrying that gym equipment you don't use into a house you bought with your parents money, also, do you have a minute? I'd love to pitch an app to you.




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