Elevated Stills

Elevated Still Images/video: 

Elevated photography, also known as high-level photography or mast photography, has been around for a few years. It requires specialized, portable masts or other elevated support systems.

eState uses a crane system, which works very efficiently for high-enough perspectives that show-off a new view.

The photos are taken using a 6’,10’ and 18’ crane, reaching viewpoints that would be very difficult to reach otherwise. These new vantage points will give your property listing a unique perspective that is sure to win over viewers.

Making use of our longest crane for outdoor views or indoor cathedral ceilings, giving your prospective buyers a view of the property from a whole other angle, with either still images or video.

Using the best equipment available, eState specializes in providing you with high quality high definition photography, even from the top of an 18’ crane.




À la carte


Elevated Exterior Photos/Video
Video or 5-10 HD photos
2-3 hours on-site,  allow 1-2 days post-processing


Additional information


*All elevated exterior stills are an upgraded service


*16' crane will help us achieve new heights and create a beautiful photo perspective


*Not all properties will work with the crane and will have to be assessed ahead of time. All on-site estimates are free.


*Please see all of our services on our A La Carte pricing page or find special deals on our Property Packages page