Real Estate Marketing – It’s all about the visuals!

Real Estate Marketing – It’s all about the visuals!

When it comes time to place your property on the market be sure to know that times have changed. The consumer demands to see more and at their finger tips, with every possible convenience.

It’s important to note that 90% of all buyers look to the Internet to buy their home. Buyers are becoming more competent, savvy and technical when using tools to sell or when using tools to buy online. Most consumers will browse online before they’ll walk out their front door. This trend shows us that people recognize how useful technology is and the difference between quality professional images and home-made visuals.

When buyers are looking over the Internet, obviously, they’ll be more likely to press on a link that has photos than one that doesn’t. It’s hard to believe that, even today, some homes are placed on market without photos. Photos won’t sell your home but when done right, they’ll bring in the foot-traffic that you deserve.

“Any photo is better than no photo at all, right?”

“No, that’s not true!” Having photos taken of your property, is important but if they’re not the right photos they may actually turn buyers away rather than bring them in.

Property A may be well worth the asking price but property B, four doors down, with photos that show-off every attractive angle and clear visuals will view first over property A with visuals that are taken askew, blurry, low light or low resolution.

Attracting those first views, to your property, is so important especially over the Internet when your potential buyer is taking only seconds to push through home listings, one after another, their mouse furiously darting through the listing website, basing their decisions to click primarily on the visuals that are presented to them.

Statistics generated by a Real Estate Photography company, Papililos, in the US, estimated through web clicks, that most of the listing that used professional photos generated a 139% increase in clicks as compared to those not using professional photographs.

Clicks may not all equal more foot-traffic or a sale but it does mean that your potential buyers are there and noticing your property.

A recent study, by the Wall Street Journal, proved that more homes sold with professional photos than a point and shoot camera.

We know it works so why aren’t more home-owners doing it?

The answer to that question is that most home owners underestimate the value of a good picture.

First impressions count and with such fierce competition in the real estate market a professional photograph will be night-and-day to the potential buyer choosing to look at a property that is visually appealing over one that is blurred, pixilated or of grainy quality.

It’s important that you spend your marketing dollars wisely making sure you get the best return for your investment.

Once your home is properly staged a professional photographer will examine your space looking for the best vantage points, perspectives, angles. High quality images will be taken using expensive lenses, tripod and wireless triggers to ensure a steady camera. Lighting is very important; the professional photographer will take note of the lighting in the room and counter it with additional lighting and reflectors to create the perfect ambient shot.  Once the photos are taken the professional photographer will supplement or edit the image by using sophisticated software.

The completed image gallery will be the best representation of your space and will bring you top results. E-State offers High Dynamic Photo Range imaging, a full web-page gallery, video presentation and listing services among other services. They’ll make sure the jobs done right.

Bottom line: Don’t hesitate when investing in your property for sale; the turnaround will be worth it, and remember visuals are everything!

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