Aerial Photography

Aerial View:  (This service is coming soon.) Aerial real estate photography is a relatively new concept, using drones and DSLR cameras to take a view of your property from above. estate will be offering this new service in the near future.

There are regulations in place when flying drones for commercial use, in Ottawa, Ontario, needing permaerialsampleaboveission from Transport Canada every time you take off.  Of course keeping within all the mandatory laws we hope to have our licensed drone operator available for estate customers this year, 2015.

In the mean time estate will continue to offer their elevated photography tours, reaching 18' exterior views.

There is no doubt that the views, from a drone, are breathtaking! A view from the sky allows the prospective buyer a vantage point they’re sure to appreciate.

Operated by a trained and licensed professional the drone is maneuvered by a dual-stick controller and has  range of about a thousand feet in any direction.